Industrial meat mixers / blenders

Palmia industrial meat mixerPALMIA® industrial meat mixers / blenders are available as single- or double-shaft versions and with different mixing shafts.

In the food industry, such as meat processing, ready-made food, large kitchens, animal food industry and countless other applications, there is a need for good and even mixing of masses.

The PALMIA meat mixer machines meet the latest food safety and device requirements and standards. Particular attention is paid to operational safety.


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PALMIA industrial meat mixers are packed with useful features

The operating panel has been fitted so that it can be moved, and it can provided with a timer, temperature display, weight display etc. The control can be realized also with a PC control unit. Mixer can be provided with a CO2 cover, vacuum operation, and with a double casing or injection for cooling or heating. Modern mixing machines are primarily equipped with control logic and a digital touchscreen display.

The design of the discharge hatches quarantees quick discharge also with “difficult” products. The discharge hatches are behind protective covers during working.

Our mixers have the best feature and recipe selection on the basis of their intended use. Any modern PALMIA industrial meat mixer  is available with CO₂ (snowmaking) cooling system.

Vacuum-using, or (Vac) mixing machines, equipped with double envelope or injection for cooling and heating. Temperature of the product can also be selected for the equipment of any mixing machine. Product unloading, or using the unloading hatches ensures quick unloading even with “difficult” products.

For products that are very difficult to mix, the blender can be equipped with a bottom screw for enhancing the mixing and ensuring the discharge.

Volumes from 70 up to 6.000 liters, also larger sizes are possible. Blenders can be supplied as single- or double-shaft versions, with a scale outfit, temperature measurement, programmable control, cooling or heating, and fitted with different mixing arms. The blenders are manufactured either of stainless steel or of normal steel painted. The operating machinery is fully protected (CE).

Any PALMIA meat mixer and grinder can be built into one unit. This will allow you to combine different operation stages, for example in the manufacture of masses for hamburger steaks.

The PALMIA mixing machines have power outputs between 1 kW and 15 kW.

Why choose PALMIA mixers

Food industry is facing new challenges. It must be able to produce foodstuffs meeting stricter and stricter standards, more and more competitively and ecologically. We have concentrated on these key questions in the development work of new technology.

Palmiatek Oy Ltd has over 40 year´s experience from the design, marketing and realization of meat processing machines and production lines in the international market. With the PALMIA® equipment you can process your products tecnologically in the right way, quickly and economically. The equipment has been manufactured, assembled and test- run at our factory.

Quality is controlled all the way from the raw material down to the final product. Our continuous product development ensures that you will get a machine which has been built to meet your particular requirements. Also the spare parts are manufactured of the same material as the equipment itself.

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