Solutions for meat, dairy and ready-food industry

Palmiatek Oy Ltd  is the major manufacturer of slaughterhouse / meat processing lines in Finland. The company desings, manufactures and markets slaughtering lines for cattle and pigs, deboning lines, complete meat processing lines with storage handling system.

Palmiatek is also specialist in planning and manufacturing of stainless conveyor system and special equipment for meat, fish, dairy, confectionery, bakery and ready-to eat food industry. The production range includes cheese block handling system, autoclave and can handling, storage dispatch automation with crate handling.

Our customers are all leading food companies in Finland.

PALMIA process equipment is used nowadays in industry of many kinds, such as meat, fish, dairy, sweets, vegetables and pet food industry as well as in rendering plants.
Well known PALMIA products are desingned and manufactured in Finland.
You will find PALMIA equipment everywhere in the world, in small and large industrial plants.

Palmiatek QUALITY – A GUARANTEE for successful production

Palmiatek Oy´s high-class and hygienic materials handling systems quarantee successful food production. We deliver single devices as well as large complete plants according to the turn-key principle.

  • Complete slaughterhouse and meat handling plants
  • Stainless conveyor systems for food industry
  • Well-known PALMIA industrial meat grinder, industrial meat mixer / blender and mincer as well as spare parts
  • Filling and emptying stations of autoclave baskets
  • Filling and emptying equipment of ovens and coolers
  • Sorting, cutting and packing tables
  • Washing machines, disinfection equipment etc.
  • Spare parts, training and service

Materials handling in food industry for more than 60 years.

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