Spare part and maintenance services

Spare parts

We supply also the genuine spare parts.

Feed screws

The shape and length of the feed screws vary according to the raw material to be ground. At request, the feed screw is manufactured of stainless steel.


The knives of larger grinders are so-catled dosing knives, which means that the extra meat is returned through the aperture In the knife wing, whereupon the crushing of the meat and the flow of the meat Juice is prevented. In the knives of smaller grinders are replaceable cutting pieces,

Hole plates

The properties of the hole plates vary according to their Intended use. The most common hole sizes with the hole-plates are 2, 3,4, 6,10,13, 16, 18,25, 30 and 50 mm. Also other hole sizes are possible. When necessary, the holes can also be conical (e-g. in bone grinders).

Replacement parts

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